Ghia Hinge Cover 74 not perfect areas need some patchwork (liquid welder glue) You pay shipping.
Pop out windows 65 and later with black window welt, screws and screw rails. You can polish up, the seal is still usable. You pay shipping.
Holley Blue Pump Used been sitting for a while not sure if it works. Looks good. You pay shipping.
Brodix Big Brody Al. Heads, 1.640 Manley S. Steel Valves, New Nextex Springs (roller), Recent V.J. , A.R.P. Studs, Comp. Push Rod Guides, C.N.C Chambers. Cost $3,595, **Asking $1,700 O.B.O** Located in Daytona Beach, Fl Calls Only / No Texts - 973-931-3475. New Nextex Rollers Springs, Stainless Steel Valves, Comp. Push Rod Guides. Daytona Beach, FL, FL 32114 (973) 931-3475
Gene Berg 580 Manifolds not ported. Weber IDF or Dellorto, also drilled for Solex 40 P11 carbs. Studs for Solex will need to be drilled out. Weber IDF / Dellorto just needs studs.
Weber IDF Dual Manifolds Ported missing one stud. You pay shipping.
Dellorto Dual 45 Drla Carburetors need rebuild. You pay shipping.
Euro Bumper Guards been sitting for a while aftermarket. Will polish up nicely. $20.00 shipped. Only two.
74 Ghia Vent Pieces 4 piece total 2 under dash and 2 vent grill on top of dash. The 2 vent grill pieces are brittle but can be used under dash pieces perfect with plastic tabs and screws.
74 Ghia Dash looks to be after market, very soft and flexible in great condition for being on the car for a while, with bolts in back of dash.
Ghia Front Turn Signal Set W/Lens very nice Chrome will clean up nicely. Lenses look very good also.

OVAL Glass

SEKURIT rear glass, rear quarter wings and old replacement windshield with a logo that says " Shat * R * Proof ". All in great shape. Currently near Daytona Beach, FL _________________ NO BS, NO Stories and NO Disappointments
Bug Spray Carb Set Up for dual port engines. You pay shipping.
Notchback S Emblem for rear license plate light housing. Very nice re-chromed, still has some very minor spots where it was pitting but really nice. You pay shipping.
Solex P-11 40mm Carbs with manifolds and linkage. Been sitting for a while, was used on a Type 1 motor with Berg manifolds and Type 1 style linkage.
Dual 42 DCNF Carbs with manifolds and Berg air filters. Manifolds unported. You pay shipping.